EMERALDA - Olive Green Premium Swarovski Pearl Earrings

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Olive Green Pearl Earrings is part of the exclusive Emeralda pearl set, carefully handcrafted with gold-filled metal around the Swarovski pearls, these earrings are the perfect gift for a special loved one. 

Also part of the Emeralda Olive Green Pearl Set.


- Green Swarovski pearls, round in shape, 12mm in size. 

- Gold-filled hoop earrings. 


Please Note: 

All products, including pearl earrings, are handmade and designed by our Penina pearls team. 

Pricing: Our prices are based on our manual labour and design process and everything in between. Our prices are final unless otherwise (e.g. sale, promotion). 

Please read our care instructions on how to take care of your jewellery.