PUAMELIA - Gorgeous Tribal Black Flower with Premium Seashell Pearl Necklace (10mm)

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An intrinsic pearl set design with one-of-a-kind pearls that vividly mirrors the important of ornamental flowers in our traditional Pacific island cultures. Ornamental plants has played a major role to the community by providing a good hedge to surrounding, use in traditional entertainments and medicinal herbs. 

The set is embellished with the Hawaiian engraved design with stunning seashell pearls earrings. It can be worn with any outfit, any function or used as a gift for her. 

Our set comes with our premium 14k gold-filled cable chains that does not tarnished and it is sourced from one of our reputable Gold supplier from the United States. 

Please note: Prior to shipment, our product will be examined thoroughly for quality purposes, pack in a clean dry jewelry box and accompanied with our jewellery care instructions and a warranty pamphlet 

Pricing: Our time and services is precious to us. Therefore our price is based on our valuable time in purchasing our products, especially adding of our premium quality 14k gold filled cable chains, implementation of our jewellery care instructions to help our customers to know how to use our products and supporting our customers by offering a 30days warranty 


-Pearl: Premium Seashell Pearls 

-Pearl Colour: Black 

-Pearl size: 10mm

-Metal: Premium Cable chains

-Gold: Genuine non tarnished 14k gold filled chains