IONA #2 - Engraved Cone-Shaped Peach Premium Shell Pearl Set

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With or w/out gold-filled chain?

This is a gorgeous pearl set, perfect for special functions and for gift-giving occasions. These engraved cone shape is a popular design amongst many Pacific Islands, and make a pretty statement piece of earrings or necklace. 

The set comes with a high quality Hamilton gold-plated twisted chain. You also have the option to choose a GOLDFILLED chain - to read more about it, please click here.

Our price covers the quality of our time and services. This is included, production, procurement, administration and associate operation costs


-Pearl: Premium Seashell Pearls 

-Pearl Colour: Coffee Brown

-Pearl size: 10mm

-Metal: Hamilton Gold 

 Please Note:

- See our Jewellery Care Instructions on how to look after your pearl set.