Koral - 12-14mm Tahitian Pearl "Pendant" only

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This Koral Genuine Tahitian Pearl Pendant is a genuine Tahitian pearl that is approximately 12- 15mm and oval shape in size.

We only sell the pearl pendant "without" the gold chain accompany with it. The reason for that is to help provide the best possible option to those who prefer to use their own gold chains and only purchase from us is our pearl pendants.

If you want a gold chain comes with our Tahitian pearl pendant, you can still find, if you browse around in our page. 

Please Note: 

** Each pearl is unique in its form, colour and size due to the natural way that its formed and made.For example, some of our genuine natural Tahitian pearls have dents or defects on its' texture. These cannot be fixed due to its natural formation from the ocean. Our job as Penina Pearls team, we do our best in grading hard in order to provide the best possible pearl product to you**

If you are after a specific size pearl of this kind, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@peninapearls.com or message us via facebook&Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as possible.