LAUNIU - Bronze Gold Swarovski Premium Pearl Set

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Necklace size (inches)

Launiu~ Swarovski Premium Pearls Set can be worn beautifully with any outfit and well suits for any function. This set can be used as a perfect gift for your dear loved ones. 


- Bronze gold premium Swarovski pearls. 

-Shape: round

- Size: 12mm

- High-quality gold-filled chain that does not tarnish when you wear every day. As long you do not expose to harsh conditions such as hot water or shower with you, and that should be fine for the rest of your life. It is not the same as gold plated, that even if you do not expose to harsh conditions, still it will be tarnished and irritates your skin neck overtime

- Non tarnished gold hoop earrings. 

Please Note:

All products, including this pearl set, are uniquely handcrafted and designed by our Penina pearls team.