TARZEL TEARDROP #5 - Authentic Tahitian Pearl Set

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Necklace size

This stunning pearl set is like no other, featuring our high quality and premium grade Tahitian pearls. It truly represents the colour of the sun when it rise up from the east, with the breeze from the ocean. This set is a great statement for many occasions. 

Please note: Natural authentic Tahitian pearls may performed minor dents, slightly varied in colour and shapes due to its natural characteristics as real pearls

Our chains are 14k gold filled. It does not irritates skin neck, does not tarnish when wear everyday and for the rest of your life. It is imperative that it does not expose or abuse under  harsh conditions such as hot water, seawater, chemicals, soaps etc. It is not the same as low quality gold plated that when you wear everyday, eventhough you do not expose to harsh conditions it will wear out eventually. 

Prior to shipping, all our products will be treated and examined for quality purposes. The products will be packed in a clean dry jewel box and accompanying with our jewelry clean instructions and warranty pamphlet 

Prizing: Our price is based on extra works and efforts in researching, input of ideas to preserve and prolong our golds, sourcing from manufacturers/vendors and other associate operation costs


-Pearl type: Tahitian pearls 

-Pearl colour: Green tone 

- Pearl size: 12mm earrings; 10mm pendant

- Metal: 14k Gold filled Figaro

- Earrings: Non tarnished round hoops 

- Bail type: Treated premium quality gold filled and non tarnished