Peleina - Authentic Tahitian Pearl Set with Natural White Pearls

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Peleina is an exquisite new pearl set now available. Perfect as a gift for someone special or to wear for your own special occasion. 



- Authentic Tahitian pearls, opal lustrous blue colour. 

- Natural freshwater white pearls. Pink-tone white pearl. 

- 14K Gold-filled high quality figaro chains. 

Please Note:


  • See our jewellery care instructions on how to take care of your jewellery. 
  • Prior to handling this product, all our products are treated with special jewellery coating to preserve and prolong the quality of our jewellery. 
  • All our pearls are real and natural pearls hand mounted by our team. 
  • All products, including this pearl set , are uniquely handcrafted and designed by our Penina pearls team. 
  • Real pearls: ** each pearl is unique in its form, color and size due to the natural way that it is formed and made. **