Plumeria Tolu Gorgeous Tribal Design Rings

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This Plumeria Tolu glamorous tribal ring selection and customised Plumeria offers customers a choice of different colours high quality suitable to your liking and suit to any occasion

The beauty of this ring, you can wear it with any outfit, and also to any occasions. 

All our products will be undergoing a special treatment that would help to preserve and  enhance the quality of our golds for a longer time. It will be examined for quality purposes, packed in a dry cool jewelry box and will be accompanied with our jewellery care instructions and a 30days warranty pamphlet

Pricing: Our price is based on the value of our services we provided for instance, our genuine hard work in obtaining our products, using our high quality 14k gold filled chains from reputable supplier, educating of our customers in using our jewellery by the implementation of our jewellery care instructions, our support to our customers with our 30days warranty and associate operation costs


-Ring band material: Engraved gold plumeria design

Please Note: 

 Sizing: If you are not sure about your size, we kindly ask to follow the image above to measure your finger, and use the measurement chart to see your size.