RANIA #1 - Floral Pendant With Peacock-Black Premium Swarovski Pearl Set

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This unique floral pearl set imitates the beauty of the famous frangipani flower. It is an exclusively new Swarovski pearl set that displays this beautiful dark peacock tone texture.

The beauty of this set is that it is suitable for any outfit and you can wear it to any occasion or can use it as a special gift for your dear love one.

Swarovski pearls are one of the popular pearls in Europe, particularly in Austria due to their quality. Its coating is very strong that it does not peel off when rubbing on any surfaces. 

Our set comes with our high-quality gold-filled Figaro chains. Our chains are not tarnished and do not cause any itchiness or irritation on your skin neck if you wear them every day for the rest of your life. As long you do not expose to harsh conditions such as showering, hot water, or exposed seawater. It is not like low-quality gold plated chains that, even if you just wear them every day without exposing to harsh conditions, will eventually fade over time and cause irritations on your skin neck. 

All our products will be well packed in dry cool gift boxes along with proper jewel instructions and our 30days warranty if you are not satisfied with our products 


- Pearl type: Premium Swarovski

-Colour: Dark Peacock tone texture

Size:12mm in size 

Shape: Round smooth

- Gold-filled Figaro-style chain

- Non tarnished durable fashionable oval shape earrings. 

 Please Note: 

Sizing: If you are not sure about your size, we kindly ask to follow the image above and use the measurement chart to see your necklace size.

All products, including this pearl set, are uniquely handcrafted and designed by our Penina pearls team.