Tamafine aulelei - Genuine Tahitian Multiple Green Pearl Set (10-13mm)

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This is truly one of a kind pearl set that features the exquisite beauty of genuine Tahitian pearls. A classic pearl set that features our high-quality oval Tahitian pearls, and can be worn as a set or by itself. You can never go wrong when you're wearing this Leilani pearl set. 

All our sets are handcrafted pieces together by our Penina Pearls team and will be examined thoroughly for quality purposes.

Our gold links and chains are non tarnished gold filled sourced from a reputable gold supplier. 

Prior to shipment, all our products will be packed neatly in a clean dry jewelry box and will be accompanied with our jewellery care instructions and warranty pamphlet 


- Genuine Tahitian pearls, oval-shaped, near round. 10-14mm thickness.

-14k gold filled chain

- Non tarnished round hoop earrings

Please Note: 

All products, including this pearl set, are handmade and designed by our Penina pearls team. 

** each pearl are unique in its form, colour and size due to the natural way that its formed and made. **