Our Story

Kaseina O'Brien Ale grew up in a small island in the South Pacific called Tuvalu. Throughout her life she has experienced a wide variety of Polynesian cultures when growing up and spend parts of her life in Tuvalu, Fiji, New Zealand and Samoa. As many women in the South Pacific and across the world, pearls are highly valued gems and popular to wear. When you are surrounded by the ocean, it is no wonder that Kaseina also fell in love with the beauty of these timeless gems. 



 Mrs. Ale is currently employing as an agricultural quality control for one agricultural fresh produce industry in Brisbane, at the same time she runs our family business. Her background as an Agricultural scientist has drawn her attention to this agricultural marine unique gemstone. Her passion and love for pearls and the connection to her home in the Pacific Islands, has also leads her heart to utilised her energy and time on creating and design pearls to suit our customer’s tastes

We as a Penina Pearls team integrates both natural and man-made pearls to create modern yet classic jewellery designs. 

"Penina" is a commonly derived word meaning "pearls" in the Pacific Islands, and can also be used as general description of something that is precious to the heart. Drawing inspiration from this came the birth of "Penina Pearls - Jewellery and Creations". 

"Penina Pearls main business objective is for everyone to experience the uniqueness and beauty of pearls that we offer."

Our family business is made up of a small team of four including Kaseina and her husband Barry Ale and her two children. Our store and workshop are based in Brisbane, Australia. We originally come from the Pacific Islands of Tuvalu and Samoa. 

Customer Focus is our business policy and focuses on exceeding our customer's expectations. That's why our Penina Pearls teamwork alongside to create the best designs most suitable to each of our customers' tastes while following the latest modern trends.